The AllSportReport Power Rankings: Sportsmen

A brand new monthly power ranking to keep up to date with here at The All Sport Report, a power ranking of sportsmen throughout the globe (and don’t worry we’ll be bringing one out for sportswomen in the coming days/week). This will be based on popularity of the figure, the sport they play, reputation within sport, current form but mostly on success. Obviously there will be massively varied opinions on such lists but it’s worth giving it a go.

20. Adam Scott

The Aussie golfer finally got his hands on a major but his days at the top are seemingly numbered with the anchored putters being banned from 2016 onwards. However, right now the World no.2 has everything needed to top those rankings.

19. Dan Carter

The face of rugby for quite a while now, Carter is clearly the best player on the planet. He can do anything but injuries are now starting to catch up with him. Missing most of the All Blacks’ victorious World Cup campaign must have been devastating. If he can get fit, he will climb up these rankings in no time.

18. Tiger Woods

The best golfer in the world and possibly the best ever has had an odd season. He has been the best golfer outside of majors but has faltered numerous times meaning his come-back is now being questioned. Can he regain his place as the most dominant player the world has ever seen? Only time will tell.

17. Sebastian Ogier

After his extremely successful compatriot Sebastian Loeb left the sport, Ogier has dominatedthis WRC season winning 7 of the 11 races and securing the title far too easily. He would be much higher but Rally Car Racing is not the most popular of sports.

16. Frank Ribery

The French superstar has reigned supreme over Germany’s kingpins Bayern Munich for this past year. His team won an unprecedented treble with him hailed Europe’s Best Player. It’ll be interesting to see if he beats Messi to the Balon D’Or, without being the actualy best player in the World but being the best player on the best team.

15. Jon Jones

Currently standing top of the UFC’s P4P rankings, light heavyweight Jones has been fantastic since gaining the title on his way to becoming the most successful light heavyweight champion of all time. At only 26, the sky’s the limit for this young American.

14. Cristiano Ronaldo

He’s not enjoying the happiest time of his career but Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the best players to ever grace the Beautiful Game. The most athletic player in the game, he can do anything he wants and will continue to score goals at will.

13. Novak Djokovic

Oh Novak, 2013 has not been your year. He has been more disappointing than possible yet he won a grand slam, reached two finals and of course had a memorable semi-final against Nadal in the French Open. I think he has been unlucky with the way the schedule has worked out, giving him tough semi-finals compared to his opposing finalists, especially at Wimbledon so maybe this is just a blip in an unbelievable career.

12. Sonny Bill Williams

This may be a little high for a player who has never been the best at any sport yet his placement in Rugby Union, Rugby League and Boxing means he is perfectally placed. He is currently New Zealand’s heavyweight champion, won the Rugby Union World Cup and has now been named in the Rugby League World Cup squad. An immensly talented athlete who has the attitude to go with it.

11. David Rushida

Definitely the greatest 800m runner that I have ever seen, possibly the greatest middle distance runner ever. David Rushida’s injury-plagued season is the only reason he is ranked so low. I’ve mentioned in previous articles about how great he is and I hope to see him performing to his maximum sooner rather than later.

10. Kohei Uchimura

The tiny Japanese gymnast has just won his fourth consecutive all-around World Gymnastics Championship gold! Add to that his Olympic Gold at London and it’s not possible to think anyone else a greater gymnast. This is dominance on a massive scale.

9. Rafael Nadal

Is he better than Federer? He seems stronger than before and if his injuries hold off it seems almost certain that he will break Roger’s record of grand slam wins. His work ethic is better than any tennis player and it’s showing in his current form.

8. Hashim Amla

The South African batsman is atop of both the Test and ODI rankings, dominating like Sachin Tendulkar in his prime. Could this man become the batsman of his generation. I think he could be an icon for so many young cricketers across the globe.

7. Ashton Eaton

The best all-round athlete in the world, Eaton is the owner of both the Heptathlon and Decathlon World Records. He dominated proceedings at the World Championships and now has a World gold to go alongside his Olympic one.

6. Lionel Messi

The Argentine genius is the best footballer on the planet. His dribbling and scoring efficiency is truly remarkable as he continues through his career.

5. Peyton Manning

As I’ve said before, I believe Manning to be the greatest quarter-back of all time but this season he has been on fire. He’s led Denver to be the best team yet again so far this season and I think he’ll continue at a great rate. I don’t think he will sustain his efforts but his season has been, statistically, so far the best ever.

4. Sebastian Vettel

The German driver isn’t anyone’s favourite and probably isn’t the best driver in F1 but he is the most successful. His domination of the sport should have led him to the top of these rankings but Fernando Alonso is clearly the most talented driver of the lot.

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Money is one of the all-time greats in boxing and a huge contender for the top of these rankings. Nothing that he has done could be used against him apart from the Manny fight not occurring. His showmanship is fantastic, combining with his sporting prowess perfectally for every TV station across the globe.

2. LeBron James

Michael Jordan is one of my childhood sporting heroes but LeBron might actually be better. He’s the most complete basketball player ever, as good a passing forward as the greats (though maybe not as good as Bird), a fantastic defener and the best athlete to play the sport. Now he’s won two NBA Championships in a row, Miami could go on to form a dynasty.

1. Usain Bolt

The most recognisable sportsman on the planet, from his name to his charisma everything about him oozes superstardom. He is the best sprinter of all-time, dominant at every level. On a par with the likes of Carl Lewis, Bolt could become the sportsman of this generation.


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