Boxing P4P Rankings: August 2013


Today marks the first of All Sport Report’s boxing pound for pound rankings, something that we will probably be updating when necessary rather than on a regular time scale.

10. Danny Garcia

Possessing knockout power of elite proportions strikes fear into your opponents and Garcia has just that. However, he proved against Zab Judah that he can fight good boxers and win on points, something that I had previously doubted. After his fight against Matthysse, we will see whether Philly’s Swift has the staying power to remain at the top of the boxing scene.

9. Adrien Broner

After easily disposing of Gavin Rees, I though Broner would kick on but his split decision victory against Paulie Malignaggi wasn’t quite as convincing as Broner himself would have wanted. Still, hailing from Ohio, this young man has bigger fights lying ahead of him.

8. Carl Froch

Possibly my favourite boxer of all time, his warrior’s attitude is as good as any in the history of boxing. Never one to back down from a challenge, Froch will most likely look to take on Ward in a rematch. A win would propel him to legendary status but a loss will likely see the end of his career as a big time boxer. Obviously I hope for a British win but unfortunately can only see one winner.

7. Saul Alvarez

The young pretender, already brave enough to take on the might of Mayweather might just regret taking this fight so early in his life. This is undoubtedly the biggest challenge in boxing but Alvarez will have to hope to land one big punch because Money is just getting better and better. Even with a loss, Alvarez will be able to have a stelar career, he is possibly the most talented boxer under 25.

6. Timothy Bradley

Another undefeated American boxer who is quickly rising up the rankings, Bradley is set for a humongous showdown with Marquez. Obviously this fight could have huge reprecussions throughout the boxing world.

5. Juan Manuel Marquez

Marquez has finally rectified his record against Manny Pacquiao. Rising from the undeserved losses his made Pacquiao look extremely ordinary. Only time will tell if that due to a decline in Pacquiao’s ability or a reemergence of Marquez’s undeterring will to win.

4. Sergio Martinez

The Argentinian middleweight has defeated almost all in his division, but will probably face a challenge from Gennady Golovkin sooner rather than later.

3. Andre Ward

The way Ward brushed aside a proven warrior in Carl Froch was almost reminiscent of Floyd Mayweather dismantling Ricky Hatton’s gameplan. His dominance of the Super Middleweight class has been undeniable and his standing in the sport is increasing by the second though he may need to fight soon, even if there isn’t anyone close to his ability: he has the talent and dedication to top these rankings.

2. Wladimir Klitschko Ukranian-born heavyweight lacks the credit and praise that he truly deserves. He destroys all before him and is almost the prototype for a perfect boxer. His size and reach almost makes him untouchable, whilst his demeanour and atitude is almost robotic at times allowing him to perform under the most provocative of circumstances.

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.,_Jr._at_DeWalt_event.jpg/215px-Floyd_Mayweather,_Jr._at_DeWalt_event.jpg

Is there anymore that needs to be said about Money? He is one of the greatest boxers of all time, perhaps the best defensive boxer ever. His style may not be innovative but his execution is perfect. His age is perhaps the only thing that can defeat him now, his matchup against Alvarez is going to be tough but if anyone can defy nature it is Mayweather.

Just missing out: Manny Pacquiao, Lucas Matthysse, Gennady Golovkin, Guillermo Rigondeaux

Ones to look out for: Kell Brook, Mikey Garcia, Adonis Stevenson, Tyson Fury


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