The Football Season Preview 2013/14

The Premier League Season is about to kick off and I’m going to make some predictions which will more than likely go completely wrong. I have to reiterate the fact that I seriously recommend not basing any bets on these predictions.

Transfer Predictions

Gareth Bale will leave Spurs for a World Record Transfer

Not really the hardest prediction but it’s worth getting something right before I get everything else wrong!

Man Utd will sign Fellaini and …

Nobody else, it’s written in the stars that Moyes will end up with his former talisman.

Arsenal will panic buy at midnight

Arsene will come under pressure and sign lots of average Premier League players like Michu but nobody who will add quality in the areas that matter.


League Predictions

Manchester City will run away with the title

They have the best squad and now with the addition of Pellegrini, they have a manager that the players will enjoy playing for (and respect).

Aston Villa will be a surprise force

Paul Lambert is one of the top five managers in the Premier League, and I think he will work wonders with Aston Villa before getting his big break in the next few seasons.

All three promoted sides will be relegated

I feel fairly confident that Crystal Palace and Hull City will go down but Cardiff could ruin this prediction. There are some very poor sides in the league but these three promoted sides seem to lack real quality in the final third (and in the case of Palace, throughout their team).


European Predictions

Bayern will not be as good

They were, in my opinion, the best club side ever last season and that’s going to be tough to top. Throw in the fact that Pep seems to be trying to alter their system and you have a recipe for disaster. Saying all that I think they will get to the semi-finals in the Champions’ League and win the Bundesliga.

Juventus will win the Champions’ League

Carlos Tevez will prove all the doubters wrong and form a formidable partnership with Fernando Llorente. Add that to the defensive solidarity and the athletiscm in midfield and Juve have a real chance to do something special.

Real and Barca won’t lose a game in La Liga

Why has Spanish football allowed these two teams to go so far ahead of the remaining competition? The league is basically a much better version of the SPL from the 90s. The hard part about this prediction is actually when the two face each other but I think I can rely on both matches ending in draws.


International Predictions

England will qualify through the playoffs

England will make it tough on themselves, and with Poland, Ukraine and Montenegro to play in their last three games of the qualifiers it isn’t beyond reach that they may have to do it through the playoffs.

Brazil will be favourites for the World Cup

This is quite a bold prediction as a lot could happen between now and then but Brazil probably won’t play anyone too good, and as such will win almost all of their warm up games.

Spain will win the World Cup

I may change this opinion but I still think Spain will win the World Cup. During the Confederations Cup they didn’t have Xabi Alonso and Thiago was at the Under 21 tournament meaning that lynchpin role in midfield was soly reliant on an aging Xavi. Fast forward 12 months and you will see Spain with a full strength side destroying all before them. Sergio Ramos will have mellowed out a little too!


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