NBA Regular Season 12/13 Awards

Rookie of the Year – Damon Lillard

There was only one true contender for this award, Lillard stood shoulders above his contemporaries during the course of this past season! Anthony Davis was good but no one really compared to Lillard.

Dunk of the Year – DeAndre Jordan

I thought about awarding this to LeBron for his majestic dunk over Jason Terry of the Celtics but just couldn’t look past Lob City’s very own DeAndre Jordan’s power dunk and his hilarious reaction after.

Defensive Player of the Year – Joakim Noah

The Frenchman has excelled this year, pushing him into the upper echelons of the NBA. Whilst it was a close run affair between Noah and Marc Gasol, I feel that Noah’s leadership in the absence of bona-fide superstar D Rose during the Bull’s season and their series against the Heat was outstanding. If their MVP point guard returns at a similar level prior to his injury, Chicago could well be the Heat’s biggest challengers in the East.

Coach of the Year – Gregg Popovich

I’m a humongous fan of the Spurs’ organisation and Popvich’s coaching style. In my opinion, he’s in a league of his own. Taking an aging squad and giving them the tactical nous to excel together. George Karl has done a fantastic job with no superstar but I think Popovich will take the Spurs deep into the playoffs, perhaps even winning everything!

Player of the Season – LeBron James

Was there ever going to be a surprise? The King is simply the best basketball player ever. There shouldn’t really be too much debate around this. I know in America, there is a lot of weight placed upon winning, but Basketball is a team sport and we are talking about an individual who has literally no weakness. He’s not even selfish! He’s the most athletic player in the league, a top 3 individual scorer in the league, a top 5 passer, a top 10 defensive player and etc. etc. etc.

Michael Jordan is one of my sporting idols but James is just phenomenal. I had Tony Parker second on my list, followed closely by Chris Paul. Yes, I do know that Kevin Durant is amazing but I named this award “Player of the Season” rather than MVP so I could give it to those whom I thought performed the best during the entirety of the season and not just the player that I thought was the most talented (in which case Durant would probably come second).

What amazes me about LeBron is his sheer work ethic, his will to win as a team, for the team and for himself. This is something that Kobe Bryant lacks, he wants to win and tries hard when he thinks he’s not going to but most of the time he relaxes in defence, especially in the regular season.


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