Monthly Power Rankings March 2013

11 (First) – 20 (Last): PSG, Tottenham, Manchester City, Shalke 04, Lazio, Internazionale, Arsenal, Napoli, Chelsea, Liverpool

10 – Atletico Madrid

atletico madrid

Falcao and co have dropped down the rankings and I sense them falling out of the top 10 very soon. There is only so much one can do to hold off Europe’s true elite.

9 – Benfica


They are playing extremely well and probably should have qualified instead of Celtic for the Champions’ League knockouts. Still, maybe they can go on and win the Europa League, especially with Matic in good form.

8 – Shakhtar Donetsk

shakhtar donetsk

An incredible side that I hope doesn’t get picked apart as teams perennially do after over-achieving.

7 – Juventus


The Old Lady is in good nick and would have placed higher had it not been for a disappointing loss to Roma, Caceres and Matri in particular looked very poor. If they come up against Milan without Chiellini, they will lose quite comfortably.

6 – Milan

AC Milan

Milan have shown over the past few months that they are probably the most in-form team in Europe. Even if they go on to lose at the Camp Nou, their recovery from a poor start to the season has been tremendous and I look forward to seeing how they fare with Balotelli in their European side next season.

5 – Borussia Dortmund


There is no shame in drawing to Shakhtar in Ukraine but their inability to keep Fernandinho quiet when he is clearly the opposition’s playmaker leads me to be concerned for when, sorry if, the German champions have to play teams like Madrid or Barcelona.

4 – Real Madrid


Real Madrid were phenomenal against Barcelona in the Spanish Cup semi-finals and Raphael Varane is already in my opinion the best centre-back in the world, or at least he is playing like the best.

3 – Barcelona

Lionel Messi

I wanted to drop Barca further down but their talent is just so high that on any given day they could bounce back from their current rut. Poor performances against Real Madrid and Milan have led to them being put this far down.

2 – Manchester United

Manchester United celebrate their opener against Sunderland

Runaway leaders of the Premier League and looking good against Real Madrid in Europe, the second leg at home could define their season.

1 – Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

This team is already perhaps the best in Europe, whilst on paper not quite as good as the two Spanish giants, Munich have team spirit, experience and quality. The world is their oyster.


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