Superbowl XLVII: The Har-bowl

Despite my spectacularly unadventurous prediction of a Superbowl containing the Patriots facing off against the Falcons, I was left with neither team winning their respective Championship game!

This is predominantly down to the incredible Harbaugh brothers who have coached their teams to glory. Both learnt from their mistakes last year in the same game and are now the big story heading into the world’s most watched annual sporting event.

Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh

Saying that, John Harbaugh actually didn’t make a mistake last year but his players let him down; Lee Evans dropped the ball in the endzone, Billy Cundiff missed a game-winning field goal.

The Ravens have looked destined to reach the Superbowl since Ray Lewis announced his upcoming retirement.

How fitting that the best linebacker to ever play the game will end his illustrious career on the biggest stage possible.

He has inspired the Ravens’ defence to monstrous performances against future ‘Hall of Famers’ Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Joe Flacco, as per usual, has stepped up when it matters most. He has actually out-played Brady each of the last three times they have matched up.

I feel confident that the giant QB hailing from the University of Delaware will perform to the best of his abilities in two weeks’ time.

Baltimore look as strong as Samson, prior to his haircut, annihilating the highly favoured Patriots team.

Whilst the 49ers won’t be shivering in their cleats, they must surely be worried. They allowed Matt Ryan and Co. to surge into a 10 point advantage in the first quarter.

Atlanta have seemed keen to squander any advantages they hold over teams, almost willing opposition QBs onto Brady-esque comebacks but the Ravens are a much more experienced team.

As mentioned before, this is Ray Lewis’ last hurrah and he will not allow such a lead to disintegrate, though he will never have faced a QB of Colin Kaepernick, both a rushing and passing threat.

Showing maturity beyond his years, Jim Harbaugh seems to have instilled a confidence into the young man and I wouldn’t put it past him to produce a performance to rival that of Brady’s breakout year.

The Har-bowl is finely poised and your guess is as good as mine, all I can guarantee is that in two week’s time we will be watching one of sport’s greatest spectacles.


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