An Interview with Nicol David

In the world of squash, people just don’t come bigger than Malaysian superstar Nicol David. She is currently in London competing at the WSA World Series Finals, which are being held at the historic Queen’s Club.

Grinham v David

David has dominated women’s squash for the past eight years winning 61 titles in the process, including an incredible and unprecedented seven World Open trophies.

If we are all being honest, she only has seven World Open titles because she has only appeared in seven World Opens and on current form you will find it hard to discover anyone good enough to beat her.

Here at The All Sport Report, we were lucky enough to catch a quick word with the idol of so many young squash fans from across the globe after she defeated Natalie Grinham 11-4 11-8 to qualify for the semi-finals of the WSA World Series Finals.

Hi Nicol, congratulations on your win and the resultant qualification to the semi-finals on Saturday.

“Thank you, it was a tough match but I managed to play well.”

Firstly, I feel obliged to notify you that you were awarded the runners up prize alongside Missy Franklin and Serena Williams in our ‘Sportswoman of the Year’ award?

“I didn’t think that I would be categorised in an ‘All Sports’ award, especially in an Olympic year. It is very flattering and I feel honoured.”

The way you have been dominating squash is similar to the fashion that Tiger Woods controlled the world of golf prior to his injury. How do you keep the motivation going over such a successful and long period of time?

“Being compared to Tiger Woods, for me, is very flattering. I haven’t realised how fast the years have flown by. It is all about wanting to improved all the time, that is the true motivation. Every time I improve I feel good, even if it is just a little. This makes time go by and now I have seven world titles. The feeling of hard work and then going on court and it all coming together in an ultimate performance, no one can describe this feeling and I strive for it all the time.”

That is extremely admirable. On today’s game, you have played Natalie Grinham many times in your career. What is it like to have such a great rivalry?

“With her, she knows she’s a true contender and champion. Even before the baby, she was a true champion. I always have to be ready for her strong attacks. You know that you will be running around a lot! Games against her are also very mental. They are like a game of chess.”

Do you mentally prepare in order to gain a quick start in matches such as today’s?

“I have to, especially with the three game format. I used to be a slow starter in tournaments but I have learned to have a good warm-up, match preparation, visualising the match and making a game-plan. It is important to stay on the game-plan, which is easier said than done. You have to practice staying on the game-plan so that you are prepared in the matches.”

Thanks Nicol for taking some time out of your schedule to talk to us today. It’s been a pleasure and good luck for the remainder of the tournament.

“Thank you.”

There you have it folks, the first interview on The All Sport Report and it’s with a genuine, world-class talent. Here’s wishing Nicol the best for the rest of the tournament, which concludes this Sunday and is viewable on or Sky Sports if you are living in the UK.


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