NFL Regular Season Awards

Rookie of the Year: Robert Griffin III (Redskins)


RG3 has been phenomenal this year in a year dominated by rookie QB play. Andrew Luck has had to do it all on his own but he has perhaps thrown a few too many interceptions to be given this award. Russell Wilson has to win his place against the likes of Matt Flynn but was a little inconsistent at the beginning of the season. Griffin had been phenomenal throughout the year and whilst aided by a great run game, he just about edges this award away from the other two.

Other Nominees: Andrew Luck (Colts), Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

Game of the Season: Packers 34 Vikings 37

APTOPIX Packers Vikings Football

What an incredible end to the season, with the Packers needing to win to receive a bye Adrian Peterson steps up to the plate and delivers a hammer blow that Thor would be proud of. The Vikings won to send themselves to the playoffs, but somehow did it despite failing to stop Aaron Rodgers at all. Even Ponder was incredible. Great Game!

Other Nominees: Patriots 30 Ravens 31, 49ers 41 Patriots 34, Colts 35 Lions 33, Packers 27 Colts 30

Individual Performance of the Year: Russell Wilson (Seahawks, @ Bills)

russell wilson

I am a huge fan of Russell Wilson, he could be the QB that makes this class of QBs the greatest of all time. It will be hard to beat Elway, Marino and co but these guys can do it. He drove the team down to the redzone at every opportunity, using Lynch when neccessary. He didn’t turn the ball over once and completely dominated the Bills’ defence. Also, he threw a touchdown and ran for three more!

Other Nominees: Eli Manning (Giants, v Eagles), Richard Sherman (Seahawks, v Cardinals), Russell Wilson (Seahawks, v 49ers)

Team Performance of the Year: Seattle Seahawks (v Cardinals)


Complete and utter annihilation. The Seahawks obliterated the Cardinals in one of the most one-sided affairs I have ever seen. Lynch had an average of 11.8 yards per carry and their two premier corners, Sherman and Wagner both caught two interceptions. I think the scoreline says it all: 58 – 0

Other Nominees: Buccaneers 0 Saints 41, Giants 0 Falcons 34

Offense of the Year: New England Patriots

rob gronkowski

When the offensive line were on form, this offense is unstoppable. Tom Brady is one of the most accurate QBs the world has ever seen, and when throwing to the best tight end the world has ever seen, you just know that something special is in the making. On top of this they have the likes of Hernandez (who is quite possibly a top 5 tight end), Welker (the best slot receiver ever) and the rushing of both Boldin and Ridley in their attack. It is obvious the AFC Championship will be between Brady and Manning once more.

Other Nominees: Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints

Defence of the Year: Seattle Seahawks


These guys are a mean, fighting machine. Pete Carrol has built one of the most formidable defences in all of football. Giving up the least amount of points per game by nearly two less than their nearest competitors, this is a team that will give their offense a chance to win. A top ten defence in yards allowed, passing yards allowed and rushing yards allowed, this is a unit that will stop even the most persistant of attacking powers shown by their stopping of the Patriots. They are dark horses in the playoffs.

Other Nominees: Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers

Offensive Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson (Vikings)

adrian peterson

There are no superlatives to describe how amazing Adrian Peterson is. We could well be watching the greatest running back of all time (though Sanders, Brown and the Sweetness would have something to say about that). His season was incredible, leading a poor Vikings team to the playoffs almost single-handedly at times. What makes it more incredible is that he is literally the only weapon defences have to scheme against yet he continues to rack up at 6.0 yards per carry. Only RG3 had more yards per carry but running as a QB is considerably easier. Peterson is quite simply the best player in football right now (yes better than Brees, Brady, Manning and Rodgers).

Other Nominees: Tom Brady (Patriots), Calvin Johnson (Lions), Peyton Manning (Broncos)

Defensive Player of the Year: J.J Watt (Texans)

jj watt

An unstoppable tornado of violence, Watt has been fantastic this year. He seems to always disrupt the pass attack, either by getting a hand on the ball or by getting the sack that almost every rush seems to deserve. He is strong in the tackle and always active, a little like Clay Matthews in the Packers’ winning season. I found it very tough to decide who was better this season between Watt and Miller.

Other Nominees: Von Miller (Broncos), Richard Shermon (Seahawks), Aldon Smith (49ers), Charles Tillman (Bears)

Coach of the Year: Bruce Arians (Colts)

bruce arians

I was going to give this to Pete but Bruce Arians deserves this for how truly amazing an achievement this has been. This squad, talent-wise, might be the worst to ever make the playoffs. Obviously, Andrew Luck has been phenomenal, but almost the entire offense (apart from Wayne) has been made of rookies. It is a thing of beauty to watch this team use their never-say-die attitude to win games on some amazing comebacks.

Other Nominees: Pete Carroll (Seahawks), Mike Shanahan (Redskins)

Team of the Year: Atlanta Falcons

atlanta falcons

I was extremely close to giving this to the Broncos, especially since they have probably the second best defensive player (Miller) and the second best offensive player (Manning) of the season. Still, they have a very easy division to win where as the Falcons have had to play the Saints, Bucs and Panthers two times. Ryan has been very good but his supporting cast have been even better. White and Jones are clearly the best wide receiver partnership in the league and then they have Tony Gonzalez, who until recently I would have called the greatest tight end of all time. They are versatile and seem to win no matter how close the game is. A tough matchup for anyone in the playoffs, look to the Falcons to represent the NFC in the Superbowl.

Other Nominees: Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots

Most Valuable Player: Adrian Peterson (Vikings)

adrian peterson

This came down to two players who have just recovered from career-threatening injuries to have their best seasons ever. Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson have been phenomenal but I think the Broncos would have been good with Jay Cutler or Alex Smith etc. in the driving seat. The Vikings would probably have been winless with anyone else at running back. This might be the best season a running back has ever had, AD has placed his team on his back and literally run them forward towards the playoffs. I would place Peterson above Jim Brown as the greatest running back of all time (though I am pretty sure a lot of people will disagree with me).

Other Nominees: Tom Brady (Patriots), Peyton Manning (Broncos)

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