Monthly Power Rankings January 2013

The Power Rankings will now be done on a monthly basis (mostly as I have little to no time right now!)

11 (First) – 20 (Last): Lazio, Bayer Leverkusan, Malaga, PSG, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, FC Porto, Manchester City, AC Milan, Internazionale

10 – Benfica


They’ve won 10 games in a row in the Portugese Liga Sagres but having gone out at the Champions’ League’s first hurdle I was reluctant to put them any higher than tenth on the list. Despite drawing to Barcelona, the Eagles were knocked out by none other than Scottish champions Celtic.

9 – AS Roma

as roma

Roma are the probably the most in form team after Barcelona on this list. With Erik Lamela and Francisco Totti in the most vivid of purple patches, Roma could climb into the Champions’ League spots in the Serie A table, and at a push could be title contenders.

8 – Shakhtar Donetsk

shakhtar donetsk

Shakhtar are an unstoppable force in the Ukranian Premier League but have now translated that dominance onto the European stage. Their infusion of Brazilian flair with Eastern European grit has resulted in a fantastic side that are capable of reaching the latter stages of the Champions’ League.

7 – Atletico Madrid

atletico madrid

Looked incapable of beating either Barcelona or Real Madrid, thus they have been put behind them. Clearly the best team outside of the traditional ‘giants’ of European football, they might actually finish above their great rivals in La Liga this season.

6 – Real Madrid


Fantastic talent and the best manager in football seems to have equated into a team in freefall. The only thing I can think of is that the Madrid players have completely given up in the league and are now just focused on the Champions’ League. They are still probably favourites for their tie with Manchester United but their domestic season has vanished into thin air.

5 – Manchester United

Manchester United celebrate their opener against Sunderland

Despite their awful defensive performances, with the likes of Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez up front, Ferguson’s side look in control of the Premier League.

4 – Borussia Dotmund


I think they have regained their form, aside from narrowly losing to Wolfsburg with 10 men. Their draw with massive rivals Bayern signalled FC Hollywood’s rise above this fantastic Dortmund side.

3 – Juventus


Ever since their tiny blip, the Old Lady has been in formidable form. Juve are without a doubt the best side in Italy and a genuine contender for the Champions’ League. Tactically, they are very difficult to play against.

2 – Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Their recent draws to Dortmund and Mochengladbach prevented me from putting the Bavarian side at the top of these rankings. Barcelona are just sweeping all in front of them at this time but I would love to see these two face off. With Ribery in such good form, Bayern would be unstoppable on the break.

1 – Barcelona

Lionel Messi

Is there anymore that can be said about this wonderful side? The best club side at keeping possession, they have many defensive frailities but much like Manchester United, they seem to overcome them at every opportunity. Anyway, recently their opponents haven’t even been close to the Catalan side at the referee’s whistle.


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