World Football Power Rankings 27/11/12

In these Power Rankings, I will list who I believe are the best 10 sides in the world right now. I will base this on the concept that if two teams faced each other at a neutral venue five times; who would I pick to win the majority of the games.

10. Shakhtar Donetsk – Yet again, Shakhtar won at home. They would invariably drop out of the top 10 if they were not to qualify to the knock-outs of the Champions’ League which is a very real possibility.

 9. Malaga – Manuel Pellegrini has done a magnificent job at te Spanish club that was in crisis at the start of the season. If he can keep the team together, they could be dark horses in the Champions’ League.

 8. Benfica – The Portugese club is on a role right now and look to be in formidable form. Unfortunately for them, their next game is against Barcelona. Luckily for them, they may only be facing a reserve team, though this could still be construed as a negative.

 7. Fiorentina – Even though Fiorentina drew, they are playing magnificent football and I think they have a chance to sneak up to the top of Serie A by the end of the year. We will have to see.

 6. Real Madrid  – Jose Mourniho must be wondering what has happened to his Galacticos as their form in the league has been appalling. There is no excuse for falling this far behind Barcelona though I also think that they raise their game for the big competitors.

 5. JuventusUntil Chiellini returns to full fitness, I cannot see Juve rising higher than fifth in these rankings. They lost again but they still remain in control of the Serie A but could be troubled playing away to Shakhtar.

 4. Athletico MadridI said that if Athletico beat Sevilla I would maybe change my mind but if I am honest I think it was more Real’s loss to Betis and Juve’s loss to Milan that pushed Athletico up this high. I expect them to fall back down below the ‘Big Five’ once more.

 3.Borrusia DortmundI still have no clue how to separate Dortmund and Munich but I decided that Bayern’s huge win on the weekend was enough to push them higher than the current German champions.

 2. Bayern MunichBayern gave Hannover an absolute hammering as they look to take back the Bundesliga crown after two long years.

 1. FC Barcelona – It seems as if Barcelona will only have to see off Athletico Madrid to secure this year’s La Liga. Not a particularly difficult task for the great side.


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