Power Rankings: The Players

I will be doing a weekly list of the world’s most in-form players:

10. Heiko Westermann – The German defender has been playing incredibly well for Hamburg. The team didn’t play well against Bayern a couple of weeks ago but apart from that match, he has been fantastic. He also uses the ball extremely well. I think he should partner Hummels at the back for Germany but I doubt Low will alter his line-up.

9. Giorgio Chiellini – Chiellini seems to be using the ball better than ever in Conte’s system. He is probably the best centre-back in the world right now with Vidic’s injuries and Kompany’s serious lack of form, though there will be some debate around that topic.

8. David Pizarro – The Chilean midfielder has been a big reason for Fiorentina’s great run of form. His passing has been impeccable as always and he has shown his defensive prowess. A wonderful player enjoying the twilight of his career.

7. Robin van Persie – Making Manchester United seem a one-man team is tough but the flying Dutchman has managed to do just that this season. He seemed a little off-colour against Norwich (which is probably why United lost) but his overall play is fantastic to watch. Maybe £24 million was worth it.

6. Diego – The talented Brazilian has often looked to have wasted his talents a little but on the back of some of his recent performances he has shown himself to be the phenomenal attacking midfielder that we all know he is. His passing has been superb and he has been picking up a fair few goals. If he carries on like this Wolfsburg could be a dark horse for a European place.

5. Andrea Pirlo – The wonderful Andrea Pirlo. The heartbeat of Juventus and Italy. An amazing beard. Is there anything left to say about this man that has not been said before?

4. Luis Suarez – Has finally been finishing off his chances to put himself at the top of the goalscorer charts in the Premier League. Suarez has always been a phenomenal dribbler but now seems to be able to carry Liverpool on his own. Early contender for Player of the Season.

3. Erik Lamela – The Argentine winger has been nothing short of mesmirising over the past few weeks and it has taken two extremely good footballers (and an average performance against Torino) to hold him shy of top spot. Seven goals in his last seven games and some of those have been absolute screamers. He has been helped out a little by Totti’s incredible form but he is truly the main man at the Giallorossi.

2. Franck Ribery – Ribery is playing as good as Messi right now but a poor performance against Valencia prevented him from reaching the heights of being the best player in the world. The French wizard has been terrorising right-backs across Germany for the whole season and he hasn’t let up one bit.

1. Lionel Messi – The best player in the world is also in the richest vein of form right now. He has scored seven goals in his past four games! Even at Parkhead, Messi was fantastic and managed to grab a scrappy last minute goal. He is an astonishing player who seems unmatched in the world of football right now.


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